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    Easy Gold Mining Texas Hill Country Panning for Gold - Hill Country . According to the legends these were used to crush the ore in gold mining known indicators of gold and were easy to HILL COUNTRY GOLD

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    Texas "Hill Country" Gold. December 2003 by Edgar B. Heylmun, PhD. The scenic “Hill Country,” in the heart of Texas, is a recreational area for several large cities, including San Antonio and Austin.

    There's (some) Gold In Them There Hills

    by Ira Kennedy: Tales of lost mines are part of the Hill Country heritage. The legends persist at least in part because there have been virtually continuous mining operations in the Central Mineral Region since the time of the Spanish arrival in the Hill Country.

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    There are plenty of gold prospectors in the Dallas and Houston areas who venture out into the country and area ble to pan for a bit of gold. Where to Find Gold in Texas There are a few areas of known gold occurrences, mostly in the form of fine dust and very small flakes.

    Texas Gold Rush.

    Only four years after thousands of Forty-niners flocked to California in search of riches, a wave of Fifty-threers headed for the Hill Country in a little known and short-lived Texas gold rush.

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    But the Lone Star State isn’t exactly high on the list of must-visit parts of the country for prospectors who are hoping to pan some valuable gold flakes or metal detect a big gold nugget. There have been a few notable gold mines in the state over the past couple hundred years, but today commercial gold mining simply isn’t extensive in Texas.

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    HILL COUNTRY PARKS The only way to deal with the Texas summer is to find water then wade, swim, tube, dive, or float. This is how, for 12,000 years, Texans managed to cool down in the hottest times. This is how, for 12,000 years, Texans managed to cool down in the hottest times.

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    Texas Hill Country Wildflower Scene Welcome to Prospecting Texas a web site for persons interested in the History of Texas in Texas mineral prospecting, Texas rocks and gems, Texas Lost Treasures, Texas Lost Mine legends, Metal detecting for all of the listed and Lone Star Ghost Towns of Texas.



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